Mark Gray | T-Mobile Fonehouse Marketing & Advertising
I am a conceptual creative designer and artist
tmobile, t-mobile, mobile phone, advertising, marketing, campaigns
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T-Mobile Marketing

About This Project

Based on my portfolio of projects completed for BT, I was approached to develop a new concept for mobile phone operator T-Mobile. Specifically tasked to work with one franchise brand fonehouse, I first spoke with a select group of store managers across the UK to establish key demographics which would enlighten me as to the main target market and better establish the method to engage further with these. It came as somewhat of a surprise to the board to learn that their main revenue came from the under 25 age group and even the groups above this were heavily influenced by younger family members and their decision making. I therefore developed a character who sat nicely within the branding of T-Mobile and used him for a campaign instore, and in national press to be trialed over one weekend and everyone was surprised to witness that sales increased by over 400% compared to any other marketing activity tested previously. Following this success, I continued to work with the brand to develop further campaigns including the largest Christmas campaign they had ever initiated and the results continued to improve. Sadly, despite the statistics and upturn in sales, T-Mobile decided that they would revert to the previous marketing activity as they felt the character based styling didn’t suit the image of the brand.


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