Mark Gray | Karrysafe
I am a conceptual creative designer and artist
karrysafe, safety, bags, clothing, marketing, mobile phone security,
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About This Project

I worked with startup company karrysafe to establish their brand in the marketplace. They produced safety bags specialising in the protection of mobile phones, laptops and valuables being carried on your person in everyday life. The range of bags included features such as security screamer alarms so that if a bag is snatched it immediately sounds alerting everyone nearby that a theft is in progress. The products received backing from various crime and police organisations and it was the companies focus to secure interest at retail level. We worked with them to market the products within national shows to gain awareness of the brand and create demand. The next stage was to produce a range of marketing materials to send to retailers and potential stockists and whilst this gained momentum we designed and developed a range of instore display systems. One additional successful marketing tool was a magnetic overview guide to the product range which was mailed out to retailers in an inflatable jacket further promoting the safety aspect.


branding, Business, clothing, concept, creative, fashion, marketing, media, merchandise, pop, pos, retail