Mark Gray | ITFC retail marketing
I am a conceptual creative designer and artist
itfc, ipswich town fc, football club, marketing, design, creative, lottery, retail
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ITFC retail marketing

About This Project

As with any Football Club during a time of relegation from the Premier League there is a period of uncertainty and morale dips among staff and fans alike. In this instance during the relegation period for ITFC dropping from the Premier to Championship league it was especially tough. The club had invested heavily in the development of a new stand and retail store and during the season there was much enthusiasm for the future. However, as we all know, football fortunes on the pitch don’t always reflect this and sure enough despite a last minute nail biting finish to the season relegation became reality. I was already working with the team at the club developing various marketing projects in addition to the entire retail interior for the new store. Much of the marketing is often centred around the clubs biggest assets…the players. However, at this time, its always uncertain which players will remain into the coming season and as such any marketing using them is very risky. So, a bright and enthusiastic Lichtenstein approach was developed to reinforce the feel good factor of being a fan of the club and to remind supporters that no matter what the fortunes are on the pitch its being a supporter that counts through the highs and lows. Needless to say this approach proved successful and retail activity improved during the relegation year above that of the premiership period. New stores were also opened in the town centre and even a neighbouring town due to the success and spread of the fanbase. During my period working with the club I also helped develop and reposition the clubs lottery and various other community projects.


architecture, branding, cartoon, character, clothing, concept, creative, fashion, illustration, interior, Lichtenstein, marketing, merchandise, pop, pos, retail