Mark Gray | Flower & Stone Art Piece
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Flower & Stone Art Piece

About This Project

This was an interesting piece to create. The clients are an olympic pairing and rock climbing is close to their hearts as is their nationality for which the national flower is Protea. If you’ve viewed some of the images here you will have already made the connection perhaps? Yes, the background is a combination of stone, sourced from a specific mountain and cut into sections to create an interesting backdrop. The top section was a little tricky to execute. I decided to use real protea petals and given the final size of the piece I had to order several hundred king protea, store and dry them prior to them degrading and rotting! Once dried each petal had to be airbrushed to enhance their natural colouration and also preserve them for the future with a resin. The entire piece was drilled and I placed pegs at specific coordinates to allow the fixing of floating timber printed memory related elements, photographs and trinkets etc. The final piece was framed and encased in glass to protect it from dust accumulation.


March 28, 2013


Art, bespoke, concept, creative, flowers, framed, illustration, ink, interior, media, paint, Photography, protea, stone