Mark Gray | Dell Computers
I am a conceptual creative designer and artist
dell, computers, windows, marketing, staff, incentive, sales
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About This Project

This is an old project I stumbled across when taking a trip down memory lane creating this snapshot of my folio which I felt worth inclusion. It was one of my first projects in a creative agency environment and this particular project is probably what fast tracked me to the position of Creative Director. This was a high level pitch project to Dell computers back in 1999 when systems generally were sold as stand alone computers and purchasers would have to install operating systems and other software themselves separately. Dell wanted to have some way of encouraging their sales team to promote and sell software to purchasers as an ‘add on’ to sales and specifically the windows operating system. I worked for a big agency at the time and we were busy and the senior creative team had very little time left until this pitch and as yet nothing exciting had been put forward. So, to cut a long story short I developed an incentive scheme for staff which would run a bit like a competition amongst the sales team (as we all know salesmen love a challenge) and the essence was that for each sale that includes ‘add on’s they would earn points which would translate into prizes at given points in time. A web portal was also developed where individuals could track their progress and even compare it to the top performers. A range of posters and novelty items all branded with the “attach-it and win” strapline were produced and distributed internally.


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