Mark Gray | Bespoke Timber & Metal Relationship Family Art Piece
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Bespoke Timber & Metal Relationship Family Art Piece

About This Project

For this project the emphasis was all focussed on a couples relationship and their journey through life together so far. The piece was created to fit perfectly within one of their homes utilising both timber and metal, both of which had to either appear or ideally be old! The timber itself I managed to source from France and it was taken from old railway carriages from the early 19th century. I then machined these timbers into sections, retaining as much of the character as possible before applying a mix of art and photography taken from the couples life photo albums available to me to create a worn ghosted image of their lives spent together. These were then lacquered with a pigmented lacquer to again enhance the aged appearance. The face of the piece has metal letters depicting the couples initials and as their professions are legal, T & C seemed appropriate, the art itself displaying the terms and conditions of their lives together. Towards the base of the piece, again I created some pigeon holes from the same salvaged timber. The idea behind these is that the couple collect various ‘nick oaks’ and things that are sentimental to them for which these storage boxes provide the ideal location to keep them together and safe! The entire piece framed with a bespoke metal frame which again I have rusted and aged to give the entire piece a vintage look!


Art, bespoke, concept, creative, framed, illustration, interior, media, metal, Photography, rust