Mark Gray | Bespoke Tile Art
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Bespoke Tile Art

About This Project

This commission came via the client loving one of my previous creations, or one aspect of it in particular. Having completed a number of property renovations at various locations globally for their family there was a number of boxes of tiles which the client could simply not bare to throw away and so these had been stored. When the client viewed one of my art creations which incorporated tile art amongst other substrates the challenge was on! So, upon the arrival of several removal boxes full of tiles and bits of tile and stone I set about creating a bespoke piece of art for the family. Again incorporating memories and elements close to their hearts I first painstakingly cut and created a mosaic which forms the outline of a photo of the Blue Ridge Mountains where the family currently have a residence. Each layer of tile has natural tones or textures which either leant themselves to the various elements, rocks, trees and lake for example. Once the tiles were all cut and shaped to form the mosaic I began to apply a combination of art and photo ghosting to each before finally affixing to the bespoke frame which completes the piece. You will notice on the final piece the sun in the amber sky has metallic tones and shines when it catches the light. Its one of those creations that has many levels and it has appeal to capture the viewers attention for some time.


November 21, 2014


Art, bespoke, concept, concrete, creative, framed, illustration, ink, interior, media, paint, Photography, stone, terracotta, tile