Mark Gray | Bespoke Art Commission
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Bespoke Art Commission

About This Project

Exciting art project created for a client to work within their living space and fit their style and property interior. This particular creation is a kaleidoscope inspired pattern layout that utilises bespoke almost plectrum shaped perspex, stone and a mix of various metals. Each one has an individual painted impression, photographic treatment or jewel applied to it. Some of which subtle images spread across several of the shapes. Each element is fixed at a slight angle, all varying so that they catch the light and reflect in different ways therefore giving it another dimension and almost appearing at certain times as though the panel is adorned by butterflies. I was very pleased with this piece and whilst it sat in the studio for a few days on display prior to being presented to the client and then being shipped to its new home it certainly attracted a lot of attention!


Art, bespoke, concept, creative, illustration, ink, interior, media, paint, Photography