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Football game app development
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App Development

About This Project

I was asked to get involved at the conception stage in the development of a new football based trivia app. The concept of the game was vast and complex and for the purpose of the app the user interface would be key to consumer engagement. Whilst developing the branding and working with the originator of the concept I set about working through the various interfaces and gameplay screens. Whilst I can’t divulge the entire concept I can say that its a team based game experience and not entirely aimed at individuals, the idea, much like the real beautiful game of football is that you develop teams within which you play against other teams in this trivia game and your team will (subject to successful gameplay) raise up the league. There is also the option to transfer! The final package of elements were passed to a third party developer to construct the functioning app which was due to be launched after an initial testing phase and potentially a kickstarter campaign to aid awareness and also generate some funding. Watch this space…


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