Mark Gray | Anita Lipnicka – ‘Best Of Album’
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Anita Lipnicka – ‘Best Of Album’


Art, branding, concept, creative, marketing, media, merchandise, music, Photography, retail

About This Project

Concept and creation of the artwork for Anita’s ‘Best Of’ Album. The CD was a live recording from one of the concerts from the current ‘Na Osi Czasu’ tour and the artwork was created from a selection of photos from the tour. The vibe we tried to portray within this was to capture the essence of the music and the fact that its a collection of songs spanning the career of Anita in music. Therefore the paper selected and the manner in which all imagery was manipulated and treated to provide that ‘torn’ and ‘scrapbook of life’ feel was all equally important to capture that feeling. The final foil accents ensure it provides a feeling of being something authentic and special for every collector or one of the many who attended and enjoyed one of the concerts. The CD is intended to be produced in limited number.