Mark Gray | American Diner concept
I am a creative artist working within fashion, football, music and retail
american diner, concept, illustration, visual, creative
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American Diner Concept

About This Project

I was approached to create a new concept ‘American Diner’ for an American Army base in the UK which would make a fun ‘hub’ for the families that live there to hang out and enjoy a home style snack or in the most part for the many kids to have a cool place to meet. The site already had a cafe, though it was without a theme and forming a section of an old building it wasn’t the nicest environment to want to spend time in its current format. The concept would naturally have to go to local debate and receive an enthusiastic response from the residents as well as the officials there so I decided an ‘old school’ large format layered visual would be the best way to approach this. I created a drawing in perspective of the outline of the area having been provided with architects plans of the site I was able to set this out to scale and work out the layout and footfall to best make use of the area. Once I had created the wireframe drawing of the room, I then added a further two layers in the form of acetates (much like old cartoon cells were produced) and again illustrated directly onto these two further layers which allowed me to build the area up and provide depth and naturally more detail to each level of the concept. The idea was received well by all concerned and the plan was put into production – a few ‘almost complete’ photos shown here along with the visual layers.


July 14, 2010


Art, bespoke, branding, concept, creative, illustration, interior, retail