Mark Gray | Mark Gray Creative Artist & Illustrator
I am a multi disciplined creative with experience working within the advertising industry as a creative director and as a practicing artist and illustrator
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About Me

How it started…

Rock’n’Roll for the eyes!


Being a creative and art portfolio site, I’m guessing you may not be here to read a novel, nor will I make you endure that…I’m sure my story may not be anywhere near that interesting! However, for those of you who may have heard of me, or my work and have a little interest in my background, then I’m happy to give you a brief synopsis below.


If you are one to believe the tales that parents tell to anyone who care listen, then mine would relay a story of how I happily doodled my way through life from the first time I was able to weild a pencil, crayon, or, much to their annoyance, the discovery of permanent markers! Yes, apparently I drew on everything and anything that I came into contact with! 🙂


So you won’t be surprised to learn that my illustrative nature is by no means confined to paper, canvas and digital mediums. Whilst in my formative years during school I was regularly drawing and painting onto timber and anything else that appeared to be going spare. I was also asked and commissioned to produce portraits for family and friends and subsequently friends of family and further friends and this continued right through my schooling days.


When I reached art college I was already working part time for various creative agencies and commissioned for various editorial tasks too. So by the time I graduated out of college I was fortunate enough to walk straight into a creative role and quickly progressed through the ranks to reach my goal at that time as Creative Director. For the turQuoise agency I enjoyed many years nurturing and developing blue chip household brands and latterly formed my own agency from which I was able to diversify and branch out into new markets. I have worked with many sports brands and Premier League football clubs on a wide variety of promotional, interior projects and advertising. I’ve also worked with government bodies, trusts, high street stores, clothing labels, music industry, motor and telecommunications companies. It was a very exciting period in my life, however, my heart always remained with what I believe to be ‘real art’. So around 2004/5 I decided to focus my attentions on illustration and art and soon managed to win the opportunity to work for publishers, individuals and organisations alike.


As you will note looking through my folio here, which is by no means complete, its just a select handful of examples, you will see that my style is diverse and I am often asked to take a certain approach to projects. Maybe its having a background in agency life, but every request is unique and though I do believe each artist has their own unique style, I also appreciate the need to be able to push yourself to experiment and adapt. I love a challenge and in recent years my art commissions for individual collectors has seen me push myself to the limit to achieve certain goals. There has been one particular project undertaken a few years ago now where I worked with mixed media, including various metals, ceramics, acrylic, stone and canvas to create one overall artwork. During this process I had to develop many new innovative ways to apply art and images to these differing mediums, many of which I could find no evidence of anyone ever having been able to achieve it before.


This site currently case studies my commercial illustration, my traditional art and a selection of my creative design projects aimed at providing an overview of my capabilities. This is by no means exhaustive of my abilities or examples so if there is something specific you are looking for please feel free to make contact with me for further examples or to discuss your requirements. You can also view my dedicated illustration website here: BitSpikey


It is my intention from here that it will also include a store to purchase limited edition prints of various pieces as I am regularly receiving requests for these.


I consider myself very fortunate to be able to work in a genre that I love and enjoy and its even more rewarding to know that what I produce makes others happy too! Thanks for reading 🙂


Best, Mark

"I have to say, you never let me down. Amazing result (excuse the pun) but we've had the best weekend on record and it can only be attributed to what you've created, and now we need more!"

Steve - Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

"Oh wow!! That's amazing! I love it!"

Rhian Sugden

"Excuse my language… but you f**king rock!"


"Great Illustration! Everyone in the office & readers liked it a lot! Many thanks again"